Who Says The Government Can't Be Agile - Forbes

Very interesting! It looks like I’ve gotta create an account to read the report and I haven’t done that yet BUT the concept is interesting. I think it could be a very good thing if it’s focused on principles…but 250+ pages has me worried it goes beyond that. I think a lot of agile assessments go wrong when they focus on agile practices instead of value delivered. It’s much easier to say “check the box you went to the daily standup” and harder to quantify cycle time and value to customer…but in the end that’s what really matters! I’m curious what assessments anyone here has been a part of and how it worked out, that’s always a hot topic at large companies

If you are looking for more from a guy that saw Agile success in government, read more of Mark Schwartz’s books he is writing for IT Revolution. He’s got some great examples of how he worked through incredibly burdensome beaurocratic processes to success in USCIS.

I had a couple of interactions with Mark Schwartz at my previous employment when Mark was deputy CIO at DHS. He tried really hard to move DHS into lean, agile, and a continuous delivery mindset. Nothing moves/changes fast in FedGov, but, they’re trying :slight_smile:

This is a fun topic. All of the books Mark Schwartz has written for IT Revolution are great, I recommend them here.

Mark Schwartz would certainly argue the the inability to move fast in the government or any other large enterprise is more about control than it is about being successful.

What’s more interesting is the mindset shift he helped people believe in. He helped people change their behavior to support hypothesis they thought would make them successful and he still did it all inside of the governments’ bureaucracy.