The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?

I just started a new job in the fall last year and this article totally sums up how my experience has been going so far. Beginning my career during the height of remote/hybrid working has been an experience both challenging and enlightening, anyone else feel the same?


Thanks so much for sharing! That second point about “Leaders are out of touch with their employees and need a wake up call” really stood out. It’s so easy to imagine everyone else’s world is like our own. This is a great reminder that the pandemic impacts people in different stages of life in completely different ways…it certainly was a wakeup call to me that Gen Z is struggling the most…thanks for sharing!

Wow, there is a lot to unpack from the article. Having been a remote or hybrid worker for more than a decade prior to the pandemic the shift to full remote work caused by the pandemic has had less of a direct impact on me adjusting. However, I recognize everyone’s life and work experiences are varied and the pandemic has profoundly different impacts on individuals. Balancing work, personal life, social and professional networks, and the different expectations they all bring is definitely more of an art than a science. And we tend to improve our artform over time and through experience. For me, keeping value at the center helps. Do I feel I provide and also receive value in the work, home, social interactions, and life experiences I have? If not, then what things do I have control over which can have positive affect on it? One positive outlook from the article is the doors opening to wider talent opportunities via remote or hybrid work. Here’s to hoping for more positives than negatives for everyone!

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Thanks for the perspective @kpurdy! I think one of the major good things to come from the pandemic is that suddenly everyone was on an equal playing field, there were no “drop by” conversations for remote workers to miss out on, and during meetings we all had the ability to participate with similar social bandwidth. I’m a little concerned that as things go hybrid or in person that suddenly remote workers will be sidelined when it comes to communication options. What do you think? Is it likely people jump right back into previous dysfunctions when it comes to engaging remote workers or will 2020 have changed things and they’re improved as people return to offices?

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