Questions on State of Agile survey - questions/thoughts

Hi there,
Not sure if this is the right/best place for this but I am interested in any views on the following 2 questions about the State of Agile survey.

  1. Not surprisingly, the survey reports 90%+ adoption among respondents…but this is of course a self-selecting population. Can anyone point me at any data which explores how many companies/projects etc adopt Agile compared to other approaches?
  2. The role titles of respondents indicate 34% SM and only 6% dev team member. Assuming some ratio of these roles in any org: 1:8? 1:16? that seems to skew the respondents in favour of people who, to be honest, in whose interests it may be to maximise the significance and benefits of Agile. Again…can anyone point me at any resources that might approach this from a dev-centric view?
    Many thanks!

Gerald Dunn

Gerald, thank you for your question! @rknaster any thoughts you are able to share on this?