Decentralizing Decisions...why doesn't this happen more?

Here’s a video that’s been circulating for a while all about empowering people to make decisions. So often I see leadership making ALL the decisions but the reality is the people closest to the information are often in a better position to make those decisions…why do you think it’s so hard for organizations to delegate decisions in a productive way?


I really love this video, because it not only illustrates some key agile concepts, but does it in a place where maybe we would least expect it - the military. To have the most effective team possible, leaders need to set the direction but not control every detail of what goes on. The key is to empower people, trust them, and provide feedback and oversight.

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I agree 100% @robert.friedman, thanks for sharing!

David Marquet’s ongoing story telling for his leadership lessons shows an incredible amount of vulnerability and willness to learn. What I love most as I watch this video is that he, as captain of the Santa Fe, had to be willing to learn from his sailors and subordinates as much as he had to keep them accountable to mission success.