Building Team Relationships

Building relationships that work is an important part of team culture. What are some ways you have gotten to know your collegues, even in a remote setting?

Great question, @bethanne! It has definitely been a different experience to build relationships with the team in a fully remote setting. One example of what I’ve seen work is a series of informal, interest-based Zoom meetups, for instance “Rock-n-rollers”, “Auto gurus” or “Dog parents”. Another great way to do it is to host “coffee break” or “lunch & chat” type of events where people can talk about whatever they want, typically with a bit of help from the facilitator to break the ice.

It takes two to tango, as they say - and they’re right. The fact is everyone needs to feel appreciated and feel inclusive when it comes to team collaboration. Foresting that feeling of mutual understanding and trust takes time and effort. Icebreakers are good way to get conversations going in small group meetings, allowing everyone to share something interesting. For example, asking the team member a question like….“Tell me something new that happened this week – not work related or the weather. “. Or something interesting to share might be a way to get everyone to participate. What are some other ways that have worked well in your organization?

@bethanne - thank you for the question! In addition to what others have said here, I’ll add that platforms like help to remove the camera sharing anxiety and fatigue that people talk about with Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting. The platforms provide a virtual space that you can actually “sit” in and have a coffee or lunch together.

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